Students dig deeper into computer mechanics at Palmer High

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Ten students at Palmer High School received the hands-on task of building a computer Wednesday.

With the help of school District 11’s IT team, students of different levels of expertise each built a computer.

“It’s been fun, but kind of difficult because I shake a lot. So, getting the little things into the right places is a little hard,” said Samantha Manuszak, a freshman, at Palmer High School.

Sean Wybrant, a digital media studies teacher for the school, explained the goal: “They can then help us to build a demonstration machine that we’re going to be using to highlight a bunch of the virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that our students have been making for the last couple years.”

“There’s just so much that goes into it that you’ve never really noticed before. And I just think it’s cool seeing like, all the pieces because I’ve used a computer every day without ever noticing all the parts that go into it. It’s just cool seeing all of them together,” said Daniel Davila, a sophomore at Palmer High School.

“It used to be that you could go out and just fix your car. You could go and you could mechanically change something in order to make your car work if it wasn’t working. Nowadays, there’s a computer that controls most of the things in your car,” Wybrant said.

“Being able to get in and understand that the core components of these computers are the same as the core components of the computer that you have that’s controlling your car, helps you to understand where some of the issues might be,” Wybrant added.

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