Springs man fights illness amid coronavirus outbreak

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs couple taking extra precautions after the husband got very sick, but says he didn’t qualify to test for the coronavirus.

They wanted to share their story, but stay anonymous.

“Every year I go to this trade show and every year I get the sniffles or something, but this year somehow I avoided it! Or at least I thought I did,” the man said.

That trade show was in Arizona back in January and early February.

He says at least 50-thousand people attended from around the world.

First, his coworker got sick, then when he returned to Colorado, his symptoms showed up.

“It was like a really nasty chest cold, sore throat, chest congestion, lots of coughing, that kind of thing,” the man said.

His doctor ran multiple tests, including the flu, strep throat, and even had bloodwork done.

All results came back negative.

He says the next step was to test for the coronavirus.

“My doctor wanted to, but the state epidemiologist at the time was having to go with the CDC requirements, which I didn’t meet because I was not hospitalized, and I didn’t have any pneumonia symptoms, and I had not come into contact with anybody who was known to have the virus,” the man said.

Since then, the couple has been extra cautious at home.

“It’s almost like we’ve downgraded to roommates, he’s been staying in our guestroom through this whole illness,” the man’s wife said.

But even her daily routine had changed.

“My routine became like, coming home and instead of taking care of the animals right away, I would take care of my husband. You know, feed and water the husband and feed and water the animals,” she added.

They’ve also been practicing what his doctor calls “good citizenship,” from ordering groceries online and staying out of public spaces when possible.

The man had to return to work after using up his vacation days, but he and his wife are keeping their distance from coworkers because they just don’t know if he is infected with the virus.

“The biggest frustration through all of this is we don’t have any answers,” the man said.

“Living in this limbo zone of not knowing for sure one way or the other really has been pretty scary for us,” his wife added

FOX21 spoke to the man again late Friday afternoon after the new testing site opened in Colorado Springs.

He says he hopes to get tested there as soon as possible.

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