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COLORADO SPRINGS — Molly is a three-year-old beagle-mix, hoping to finally settle down in a forever home after being surrendered to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region three times.

“Initially, she wasn’t getting along with one of the dogs in the home, the second time it was due to allergies, and the third time it was due to anxiety,” said Derra Rankin, Behavior Program Assistant for HSPPR

HSPPR trainers believe she’s showing signs of transitional anxiety, and will bark and whine for moments at a time.

According to HSPPR, the more times a dog is bounced around between homes, the more likely they are to have transitional anxiety.

“And that is just all the different changes keep adding up and she has to readjust to new environments each time, and each time it just gets a little harder for her to do,” Rankin said.

Molly understands basic commands and is housebroken, but she will need someone who has time and patience.

“It may take a few weeks, so that’s someone that’s going to have to go kind of work through her whining and her barking. And also someone who is willing to do training and be with her. They don’t necessarily need to be with her the whole time, but spend a good amount of time with her, and exercise, and help her become part of the home,” Rankin said.

Molly is very social and loves to interact with people, but she prefers low-energy dogs.

HSPPR says dogs who have been surrendered multiple times, like Molly, will now have an extra step in the adoption process.

“Molly in particular and dogs like her, we are requiring and that she has a behavior consult through us, so we can sit down with the potential adopters and we really explain to them what’s going on with her. What does that though, allows us to really give the information that the person that might be adopting will need and also some tips moving forward of how to integrate her into their home,” Rankin added.

Click here if you’d like to visit Molly.

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