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COLORADO SPRINGS — Izzie is a one-year-old cattle dog mix and is full of love and affection.

“Her previous owner did say at night time, she would get up on the couch with them and cuddle, so I think she would like that a lot,” said Derra Rankin, Behavior Program Assistant for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

Izzie has been and out of the HSPPR over the last month. She was last returned for her destructive behavior.

“She is very high energy. A lot of that comes from her age and her breed, but she does mellow down pretty quickly, as soon as you start interacting with her. And she’s pretty calm,” Rankin said.

Izzie is great with kids and loves other dogs, but she’s looking for someone who has extra time to work with her.

“So, they tried to kennel her in her last home, and she was reported to break out of her kennel, and that’s when she would be destructive with just various items around the home. And the biggest thing there is just having patience and working with her on proper kennel training, and not just putting her in the kennel and expecting her to do well with that,” Rankin said.

Her forever home should be with someone who can provide mental enrichment.

“Extra time would definitely be helpful, just because she is going to need someone that is going to invest time into her, to do just the training, and to get her out of the house and get her exercising, but also willing to come up with creative ideas and things to do with her at in home that will work her brain. Like, puzzle toys and different games you can play inside the home,”

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