Snow in the forecast as fires burn across Colorado

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The Cameron Peak fire now one of the largest fires in Colorado history. But an overnight cold front could drop up to 12-inches of snow across the burn area, giving some relief to fire crews.

With smoke blanketing the front range, some people miles away from the fires are seeing ash fall from the sky and collect on the ground below.

Lieutenant Drew Cahill with the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) says we may see things get worse before it gets better.

“Smoke can travel hundreds and thousands of miles, but even that ash can travel several hundred miles when it gets up in the air and in the jetstream, Lt. Cahill said.

According to FOX21’s Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister, “The hot windy dry weather ahead of this cold front has caused the Cameron Peak fire to blow up.”

Complicating things is the season’s first snow happening Monday night into Tuesday.

Lt. Cahill added, “With the cold front coming in, it’s going to be some high winds, so initially that will potentially blow in some more smoke but as the snow falls and some of that blows through it may clear some of the smoke as well.”

Which can be difficult, especially for those with any respiratory difficulties.

CSFD is saying it’s best to stay indoors if you can and keep everything closed up.

“Anytime there’s this much smoke blowing in, it can be a hazard. We recommend people stay indoors as much as possible when the air quality is low, voiced Lt. Cahill.

Meister added, “But that should be helped with the snow coming in tonight into Tuesday and Wednesday, and so we should see some air quality improvement across the front range.”

It’s a bit of an ’emotional solar coaster’ for us, but it’s going to do a lot of good according to Meister.

“As the cold front comes in tonight, higher humidity that helps with firefighting efforts but up to a foot or so may be more of snow on the fire will definitely help the firefighting effort putting millions of gallons of water on the fire,” he said.

More favorable conditions to follow.

“The weather later in the week won’t be as hot as we’ve been as well, and that should also help,” Meister said.

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