Snow covered golf courses pushes crowds to indoor golfing facilities

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Golf season doesn’t start until April, but has all this recent snow been a closing trend for golf courses?

“2019, we just kind of started with that early winter, when we started in October. So, we were closed more last year than we were, I guess up until 2015,” said Patrick Gentile, golf division superintendent for Patty Jewett Golf Course and Valley High Golf Course.

“2019, we were closed 93 days. So, that is the most we’ve ever been closed in our history. We typically average between 70 and 80 days closed a year,” said Todd Laxson, director of golf for Cherokee Ridge Golf Course.

While the golf season varies in Colorado, golf courses aren’t worried yet.

“When we see those higher 40s and 50 degree temperatures is when people are really excited to get out and play. And that’s when they’re frustrated, when the golf course is white,” Laxson said.

“What’s keeping us going right now is the revenue from our restaurants. People come in that aren’t golfers, they like to come in, get something to eat, drink,” Gentile said.

In fact, both Cherokee Ridge Golf Course and Patty Jewett Golf Course agree, business is a little slow, but if golfers were out..

“The grass isn’t really growing, we get a lot of wear and tear, get a little bit of extra play on it. That kind of slows us down coming into spring,” Gentile said.

So, for them, there’s no better time to be closed than now.

But if you just can’t wait to get your golf on, there’s always indoor golfing facilities, like the First Tee of Pikes Peak.

“We’ve seen about 75 people at most at one time. You know, it really will be dead and then everyone comes in at 1:00 p.m., so mornings, lunch, after work, those are our busiest times for sure,” said Emily Smith, director of golf and education for the First Tee of Pikes Peak.

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