Small business making custom keychains, helping people remember masks

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The mandatory mask mandate now stretches into September per Governor Jared Polis and it’s something Coloradans are still getting used to.

Ohana Mama, a small business here in Colorado Springs, has made something to help, so you never forget your masks again.

“I actually did it the other day when I was walking inside, and I was like ‘oh I forgot my mask,'” said Izaiha Baker, an Ohana Mama employee.

They’re making custom mask-holding keychains!

“I looked at my keychain and was like ‘just kidding,’ I opened it up and it was right there for me,” Izaiha said. “So it was super convenient you don’t have to take those extra steps back to the car because it does get frustrating going back and forth and every business I’ve been in, has required a mask inside of it.”

So far – they’re a hit.

Kyndall Baker, the owner of Ohana Mama, says, “We’ve been pretty successful, we’ve sold about 35 of them, and they are really small and easy to make, too.”

Baker is making the products from her home with her husband and their little helper. She says making everything 100-percent customizable gives her business an edge. 

“We make them completely custom so you can literally put anything on them. You can put your name; you can put a monogram, we’ve got a little Disney one, we’ve got pitbull ones, so you can do whatever you want with them,” according to Baker.

“It’s $5, that’s all it is, and you can put anything you want on there, you can put as much as you want on there and it just goes right on your keychain, so you never forget it,” says Izaiha.

Ohana Mama also creates items such as t-shirts, wood signs, and masks.

“A lot of it is one big village that’s coming together and having all of this come out and turn out the way it is and helping people not forget their mask all the time,” Izaiha said.

To order from Ohana Mama, the pair says you can search for them on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat and send them a Direct Message (DM) with your order.

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