COLORADO SPRINGS — The Springs Rescue Mission hosted their annual Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, providing neighbors in need with a free meal, access to medical services, and complimentary cold-weather essentials.

The Kitchen and Dining Hall, which opened to the public in September, has a seating capacity of 185, but they served 50 people at a time to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the homeless community.

Hand-washing stations, hand sanitizer and face masks were on hand for the event.

“This is an opportunity for us to make people who are normally unseen and help him feel seen… and for me that feels great to let these people know that they are loved and that they matter,” said volunteer Rebecca Gilliam.

Volunteer Rebecca Gilliam

Gilliam was one of the 15 volunteers this year. Normally, they have 200+ volunteers.

The homeless community was also offered cold weather essentials like winter coats, gloves, socks and hats.

>>To volunteer at Springs Rescue Mission visit their website here.