COLORADO SPRINGS — The Christmas Tree Project started 10 years ago with one tree, a Craigslist ad, and $20. Since then, it’s given away over 4,000 Christmas trees to families in need throughout the U.S. and even abroad.

David Fein and his wife, plus the help of others, started the Christmas Tree Project. The project provides free, fully-decorated Christmas trees to families in need. 

“Christmas spirit just shows up here, and that is to me what this is all about,” said David Fein, Head Elf for Christmas Tree Project.

That gesture now a global mission helping struggling families with a free Christmas tree.

“People of all walks are helping people of all walks with a Christmas tree because they just want to make a difference in someone’s life and put a smile on a kid’s face,” Fein added.

It’s a little bit of Christmas magic, but it makes all the difference.

“It’s a powerful thing to be able to give people Christmas trees, and the other thing that is really amazing is it doesn’t matter who needs a tree, what political party they’re in, what religion they’re in, and the people that show up to help also it doesn’t matter who they are or where they’re from or any of that,” Fein said.

In years past, families were able to sort through the trees and choose the perfect one, but this year with coronavirus concerns, it’ll be different.

“Instead of people getting out of their cars and then coming through this area and picking all the stuff up, they will stay in their cars, and there will be a drive-thru so they will never get out of their cars, we’ll help them load stuff in the cars,” according to Fein.

With thousands of requests rolling through this year, The Christmas Tree Project is hoping the community thinks about what a donation could mean for a neighbor in need.

“Some of them have said it really changed their lives, it really restored their faith in humanity, it really showed them that people are basically good and people are here to help and serve and make a difference,” added Fein.

This year, Give Away Day, is December 12.

Families in need of a tree will have to sign-up on the website to request a tree; then, they’ll receive an email with further instructions on when to come to pick it up. People who would like to volunteer or donate, check out their website.