School’s out: How to keep your kids on track

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COLORADO SPRINGS — School’s out, and so are the workbooks.

“We don’t have printer ink, and so we’ve already filled out all of the workbooks we had already and we can’t print anything off, so we came over here to pick up some books,” said Shannon Standefer, who was shopping with her six-year-old son, Ajax.

School closures across colorado have been extended into April due to the spread of the coronavirus.

“It’s been weird, it’s been challenging,” said Courtney Hertner, who was looking for STEM activities with her nine-year-old daughter.

“I work full time from home, so that’s been a challenge. Keeping him busy while also doing all of my calls and things like that,” Standefer said.

Now parents, are looking for ways to remind their kids it’s not a full vacation.

“Everybody likes vacation, but then it seems like most people I know are ready to go back to some kind of routine. So, I think developing some kind of schedule would be good. Personally, I would do something like, have a “grateful time,” things you’re thankful for, especially in this environment because it’s just been hard on kids, especially seniors in high school,” said Sherrie Antes, owner of School Crossing Toy Station and the Play Kingdom.

Antes, is also a retired teacher and says dividing your children’s homeschool schedule into different categories may be helpful, from craft time, academic time, and even time outside.

“Outdoor things, we have some great active toys too. You need to keep them moving. They can’t sit too long, I don’t like to either, but especially kids,” Antes said.

Antes says her store carries learning material for infants up to 8th grade, with some high school materials.

“She loves doing robotics and STEM type things, so we’re looking at different activities for her to do in that kind of a way, just basically anything that’s gonna occupy her time and her brain without turning on a screen,” Hertner said.

Antes says the coronavirus crisis hit them hard as a small business.

“We just moved okay, so this is especially a tough time for us because we’ve not even gotten ourselves settled in here. We have a Play Kingdom that we were really hoping to get going and it was just started to get some momentum, but we also have coffee, so we are excited about that. And we are making a children’s book nook,” Antes said.

But they plan to remain open as long as they can and are also taking orders through the phone, and will deliver them to your car outside.

Antes said they just started making home deliveries Friday afternoon, which is free if you live within two miles of the store and spend at least $25.

If you’re outside the no-cost delivery radius, delivery will run $5 if you spend $25 or more.

“Because of the timing of everything, we have a lot of that stuff on the way because actually we do a lot of our back to school ordering during February and March,” Antes said.

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