Sales surge in certain Colorado Springs shops despite pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Although the pandemic has hurt many businesses, some stores are seeing a surge, such as video game stores and bike shops across Colorado Springs.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I kinda compare this time to Christmas because of how busy it is and how many sales we’re getting and how many people are coming in,” Game-On General Manager Keenan Southlal said.

Game-On, a local video game store, sells online and they buy used games and consoles.

Bike stores are also seeing a surge, and running out of stock, such as ProCycling, a local bike store in Colorado Springs.

“Anything under two grand, anything affordable, is pretty much sold out.” ProCycling Store Manager Randall Smits said.

Smits says warehouses are not providing enough product.

“Product wasn’t being made and products weren’t getting processed and products weren’t getting delivered so I think it’s gonna be a good month or so before that comes back around,” Smits said.

Bike service is also taking anywhere from weeks – to a month across the area, according to Smits.

Video game store Game-On is purchasing used products such as video games and consoles.

“We have to buy to keep up with the customers,” Southlal said.

>>Click here to visit Game-On’s website. Click here to view their online inventory.

>>Click here to visit ProCycling’s website.

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