Sales slow with season’s first snowfall

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It was a chilly Thursday for southern Colorado and a lot of people.. were at home?

“Late morning and this afternoon I think will be a decent amount slower than usual,” said Carissa Niemyer, co-owner of Story Coffee Company.

“I don’t think we have had a customer yet,” said Jason Janson, bar manager at Frozen Gold.

Colorado Springs saw its first snow of the season, causing some businesses to change their plans.

“We minimize our labor, our staff, just enough to handle the business volume that we project. And then also, we don’t prep as much food or cook as much food for the day,” said Ted Vong, owner and president of Short Stop Deluxe Burgers.

Short Stop loses out on nearly 50-percent of its customer base on snow days.

“We do have some pretty die-hard fans. And regardless, no matter what kind of weather we are dealing with, they still come out and support. For example, earlier we had a small group of people, construction workers. They’re out working in the element, they’re used to that so they don’t mind coming up,” said Vong.

And while there may not be a big demand for ice cream shops as temperatures drop, Frozen Gold has a pretty sweet deal.

“We are going to offer a free cheese pizza slice at Fat Sully’s, our restaurant next door, to anyone that comes in and gets an ice cream while it’s snowing,” Janson said.

Coffee is always a good option to help you stay warm, and Story Coffee Company says it’s a great way to enjoy the weather.

“There’s something magical about the first snow of the year, and sitting with a great cup of coffee or a cappuccino and with fewer people. Even though we don’t have a lot of seating there’s a lot more spots to come and sit, and enjoy a magical moment on the first day feels kind of like winter this year,” Niemyer said.

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