Safer Internet Day 2020

Digital Now

COLORADO SPRINGS — February 11th marks Safer Internet Day, a global event that raises awareness of online security and encourages everyone to help create a better online presence.

FOX21 Digital Now teamed up with CSPD to provide tips to keep you safe online.

Talk to your child about their digital footprint. What does that mean? It means how they will be perceived in the future based on their current online behaviors.

Use the tools and resources available to you as a parent, such as Google’s Safe Search Engine and preinstalled parental controls.

Police said to also remember to educate your household and use resources such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Digital Futures Initiative, and the National Online Safety.

“Your child needs to feel comfortable approaching you when they have online safety issues – remember to have open conversations with your children on a regular basis no matter how difficult or embarrassing those conversations may be,” said ICAC Task Force Program Coordinator Tricia Lykes.

It is important for parents to set electronic schedules and limit screen time. Parents should set rules for where electronics should be used in their home.

Colorado Springs Police Department wants to remind us to be smart with our time and cherish family time in light of Safer Internet Day.

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