Pueblo Community College creates 100 “cop cams” for Pueblo PD

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PUEBLO — The Pueblo Police Department received new safety equipment Thursday.

“I knew that I would come here and I would get some help. I mean not as much as we did end up getting, but yes, they were very helpful,” said Sgt. Frank Ortega, with PPD.

Thanks to the PCC CHAMP grant (Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program) and the STEM Center, STEM and machining students helped created “cop cameras.”

With an app on an officer’s phone, they’ll be able to see hidden areas without potentially putting themselves in harm’s way.

“If somebody broke into your house, I’m sure you’d want us to check everywhere and make sure nobody’s in there. There’s some places in a house, an attic, maybe in a closet,” Ortega said. “Believe it or not, nobody’s ever thought of this. This is a brand new idea,” Ortega added.

The camera went through six different revisions with the design team at PCC and was tested with officers in the field before the final design was made.

“The light itself had three iterations we had to go through just to get a high enough brightness for the camera to see. Because the camera can’t see as well as we can,” said Tom Martinez, an engineering student at PCC.

A hundred cameras were made and will be placed in every Pueblo police vehicle.

“To see them all lined up at a table and know that those are going in all the cars that are running around Pueblo, that something I built is going to be helping them to do their job effectively, it’s going to be helping not just them, but it’s going to be helping people in the community,” Martinez said.

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