Pink Boots Brew: celebrating women in the craft beer industry

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Get ready for this year’s pink boots brew; beer made by women to highlight women in the craft beer industry.

“This is an organization that I started with, actually as a home brewer,” said Jessica Fierro, owner and head brewer of Atrevida Beer Company and chapter lead of the Pink Boots Society Colorado Springs.

The nonprofit, pink boots society colorado springs, gives back to women with scholarships, helping those working in the craft beer industry.

“It’s just great getting to know everybody that you see in the industry. And then really getting to sit down with them, brew with them, hang out, drink with them obviously a little bit,” said Alexandra Turner, assistant brewer for Phantom Canyon Brewing Company.

These women say it creates a comradery where they lift each other up and look up to one another’s success.

“The amount of knowledge in Pink Boots in general nationwide is amazing, but just seeing every woman in the different aspects of the beer industry, super cool! I focus on brewing and cellaring, there’s people here for marketing, there’s a bunch of front a house people here and everyone just wants to learn and also share their knowledge,” Turner said.

Several local breweries took part in third annual collaboration brew day Thursday, including Goat Patch Brewing Company, Atrevida Beer Company, and FH Beerworks, just to name a few.

“We get together every year and kind of develop the recipe. It includes some of our local purveyors, Brewing Science Institute of Woodland Park provided the yeast and graciously donated it for the brew today. We source our hops, the Pink Boots Brew hops that come from Yakima Chief. And $3 from every pound of those hops are donated back to the Pink Boots Society,” said Johannah Murphy, general manager, for Goat Patch Brewing Company.

It will take a few weeks until this year’s brew is ready, which will then be released by Phantom Canyon Brewing Company first and slowly rolled out to other participating breweries.

“This year we’re doing American amber with a fig addition. And we had some hops given to us by Bristol, it was the Pink Boots blend for 2020,” Turner said.

Click here for more information on the Pink Boots Society Colorado Springs.

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