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FORT CARSON — Fort Carson’s Army Post Exchange was full of holiday cheer Thursday.

“They said to come in for a special surprise event at noon. And they were just like, ‘it’s for our layaway members.’ And we’re like, ‘okay.'” said Sydnei Shaw, who was at the PX with her sister, Brooke Shaw.

22 Fort Carson families had their PX layaways paid off, thanks to Pay Away the Layaway.

“Oh my gosh, really? This never happens, it’s like winning something. We never win anything or fun stuff like this never happens to us. So, it was great!” Shaw said.

Some parents didn’t even see the sign at the front of the store.

“I saw Santa. And then I was talking with him and asked him how long he was going to be here, and I thought it was some Santa thing,” said SSG Nathan Beeler.

The non-profit paid off more than $4,700 dollars in layaways at the PX.

“All Christmas gifts. Toys for my four kids,” Beeler said.

“It definitely helps. It’s a big thing lifted off my shoulders, not have to worry about this anymore. So, it was really exciting,” Shaw said.

It’s part of the non-profit’s mission, inspire hope and spread kindness.

“Nice things happen, even if you don’t expect them. And it’s the holiday season and miracles happen,” Beeler said.

“We’re very happy and grateful. Thank you!” Shaw said.

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