COLORADO SPRINGS — Challenges of the 2020 school year is more apparent now than ever before. 

“Now, I’m part-time lunch lady, I’m the janitor, I’m the scheduler,” said Le Shante Porter, an Aurora, Colorado mother of two daughters. 

Many families have students enrolled in virtual school due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

At an online event hosted by the Walton Family Foundation, designed to bring these families together, they talked about a new opportunity.

“I think a lot of times as parents, we take the goals of the schools on and say like, ‘we have to do this because this is what’s important to the school.’ But now we have a chance, the school is our house like, this is happening in our homes. So, now we have the opportunity to say like, ‘that’s not going to work for us, here’s what we need instead,” said Domari Lewis, who took her children out of traditional school before the pandemic shut down in-person learning. 

In some cases, students are able to take a more direct approach in schooling themselves.

“I’m working with them to help them explore their interests, and through their interests, they’re learning the things that they need to learn, that are important to them right now. So, my oldest son is really interested in video gaming, so he’s taking coding classes. So, he does have virtual classes that he needs to log into, he’s responsible for knowing how to do that, for knowing what the assignments are, and then I’ll check in with him,” Lewis said. 

All joining in the #SchoolsIn campaign to connect with and learn from other families when difficulties arise.

“No teacher has called me to say they’re not on track in some things and how we had to push to get them to be where they need to be at the end of the school year, I didn’t like that. So, to be able to have them my hand in it more, instead of waiting for emails to come back to the teachers, So I like that better for them to be here,” Porter said. 

Now, parents are taking note of what will be most helpful later.  

“I’m still going to be more in touch with the teacher, I want to know what’s going on in her class, that sort of thing,” said Dr. LaTasha Adams, a mother of a five-year-old. 

Lewis is leading a Surviving Corona School virtual summit, aimed to equip parents with the tools and support they need for virtual learning.  Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the #SchoolsIn campaign.

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