October 28: Weather through the years

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COLORADO SPRINGS — RECORD SNOW ALERT! Update as of October 29th shows both Colorado Springs and Pueblo set new daily snowfall records on the 28th. Colorado Springs saw 6.8″ of snow, breaking the previous record of 0.9″ set it 1991. Pueblo totals added up to 3.8″, breaking the 2.9″ record set in 1917.

Colorado got more than a taste of winter on Monday as heavy snow, and cold temperatures hit the Springs. So far this month we’ve had three snows with notable accumulation, and it’s only October!

Is this out of the norm? FOX21 Digital NOW checked out some data, and here’s what we found dating back 10 years.

Here is FOX21’s Meteorologist Valerie Mills on how normal, or not, this year’s snows have been.

In 2009, temperatures were warmer but not by much with a max temp of 34° and a minimum of 26°, but no snow was reported on October 28, 2009.

On this date five years ago (2014), it was warmer than 2009 and notably warmer than 2019 with a max temp of 53° and, again, no snowfall.

One year ago looked a lot more like what you’d think October would feel like; the high alone is more than 2019’s max, min, and average temperatures combined at 66°.

Another year without snow on this day although Colorado Springs’ first winter snowfall usually arrives in October – 2018 saw snow on October 10.

It’s been years since Colorado Springs has had this much snow this early.

The high on Monday was 20° and the low was 15°, a lot colder than a year ago with the average temp at 51.42°.

While we didn’t break records today not to worry, Colorado is just getting started, with a high of 20° for October 28, 2019 and going into the teens for a low of 15°.

FOX21’s Meteorologist Valerie Mills also shared a little fun fact about forecasting long term this year — check out the video below!

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