No internet, no problem. New Pikes Peak Library District programs offer internet free activities

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The Pikes Peak Library District is offering two new programs, one of which children can dial into. 

“Since we can’t do it in the library, we wanted them to be able to do it at home,” said Christa Funke, Senior Library Associate with Family and Children Services at PPLD.  

First, there’s Dial-a-Story, where echildren call the library to listen to a story from a book. 

“Stories in a language other than English, jokes, riddles, or songs. Pre-k through kindergarten, kindergarten through second grade, or third through sixth grade,” 

And there’s Take-and-Make, an activity and craft kit that can be picked up from libraries once a week. 

While it’s giving kids at home a new activity option that doesn’t require internet or a computer, it’s also a wonderful option for patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs.

“For many children, being in the hospital can be a scary thing. And especially right now, it can feel a little bit lonely, not being able to get out of the room and engage with other children in the playroom. So, these craft kits that they have been providing to us really are allowing for patients to engage with their family, it’s allowing them to engage with staff,” said Shawna Grissom, Director of Family Services for Children’s Hospital Colorado 

Both PPLD and Children’s Colorado say it allows kids to get creative in a different way. 

“Mom and dad may be in the room and can read the story, but it’s somebody else, it’s a different voice, it’s another mode,” Grissom said. 

“One of the cool things about Dial-a-Story is you’re listening to the story read, but you’re actually don’t see the pictures in front of you. And so, you get to use your imagination to think about what’s happening in the story and to think about what might happen, to imagine those pictures yourself. If it’s a story about a kid, you can imagine that kid being just like you, and it doesn’t have to be like the pictures in the story. Or if it’s a story for older kids, it might be just a chapter or something like that out of a chapter book that then you get interested in going and finding that, and reading it yourself,” Funke said. 

For Dial-a-Story, call 719-531-6333 ext 7150.  

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