New murals and sculptures coming to downtown Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Downtown Colorado Springs typically sees a new exhibit for “Art on the Streets” around Memorial Day each year. This year, the coronavirus pandemic is switching up the schedule.

“This year, it’s a little more relaxed. We didn’t want to force our artists who are coming over from other countries to travel while it wasn’t safe to do so. So, you’re going to see new pieces coming in all the way from now until July,” said Claire Swinford, Director of Urban Engagement for the Downtown Partnership.

According to the Downtown Partnership, “Art on the Streets” is a community connector and has been putting up temporary art for the last 22 years. 

It was founded as an effort to give people pride in their community and help local businesses. 

“It’s a tradition in the Pikes Peak region, people look forward to it every year. And we know that especially when folks can’t go to traditional cultural venues like the Fine Arts Center or the Pikes Peak Center, being able to still get that taste of culture, that connection with something beautiful is really important. And the fact that we can do it outdoors means that it is accessible to all right now,” Swinford said. 

This year’s exhibit will feature 13 new pieces, with seven sculptures and six murals from artists across the globe. 

Six of those pieces are from Colorado artists like the one on the Downtown YMCA, which represents all things Colorado Springs. 

“Our outdoor culture, our hip hop music, our car culture, all things that are very connected to him personally,” Swinford said.

You can check out the story behind each piece through the app, Otocast for Apple or on Google Play.

You can also download this map.

According to the Downtown Partnership, “Art on the Streets” does not use taxpayer dollars and is 100-percent grant and donation funded. 

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