My Black Colorado: Don’t let the message get lost with violence

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COLORADO SPRINGS — For three days, protesters have lined the streets of downtown Colorado Springs outraged by the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Now, a local organization is hoping protests remain peaceful. 

“It goes into a message of anarchy, it goes into a message of saying, ‘Yes, we’re frustrated and this is how we are going to react,” said Ellie RedCloud, a business consultant, for My Black Colorado.  

My Black Colorado says its goal is to create comradery and community among African Americans, and they say they’re also an important resource.

“Even outside of just the police, we also can face bias in the workplace, we can face bias as business owners. There are opportunities that we don’t just get that other people do. A lot of times it’s not based on racism, a lot of times, like I said, it’s just that implicit bias where we’re overlooked because people aren’t used to seeing our faces, so we do get overlooked often,” RedCloud said. 

The organization publishes magazines highlighting local African American business owners. 

They hope their latest history edition delivers an impactful message. 

“Overall, the community is seeing a little bit more of what the black experience is in terms of racism, in terms of implicit bias,” RedCloud said. 

But My Black Colorado is urging caution, saying they hope the message behind protests over Floyd’s death isn’t lost to violence. 

“I like to think of it as a mom. When my child has done something and they start to yell at me, even if I’m in the wrong as the mom, even if they’re right. If they start to yell, and scream, and throw a fit, I’m less likely to hear what they have to say, or I’m more likely to want to punish them more or want to hurt them more. Versus if we sit down and have a conversation, then I can hear their side of the story and I can move forward,” RedCloud said. 

Click here to learn more about My Black Colorado or get their magazine. 

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