More than 500,000 Coloradans enable Colorado Exposure Notifications

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COLORADO — More than 587,615 people have activated the Colorado Exposure Notifications service as of Wednesday, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Apple and Android users make up 81% of Colorado’s population, and 14.9% of those users have activated the service. 

On Wednesday, Colorado hit a COVID-19 milestone with 100,000 reported cases.

“At this point, we are at our highest case count since the beginning of the pandemic,” Dr. Ginger Stringer, the Epidemiology Response Program Manager for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said.

CDPHE health officials say they are using every tool at their disposal to bring those numbers down, including a statewide COVID-19 exposure service that launched Sunday, October 25.

“Our exposure notification launch was very successful,” said Sarah Tuneberg Colorado Special COVID-19 Testing and Containment Advisor.

The Colorado Exposure Notifications, in partnership with Google and Apple, complements existing statewide health safety protocols without compromising Coloradans’ privacy.

More than half a million people have downloaded or enabled exposure notifications on their mobile phones. That is more than 10% of Colorado’s total population and more than 15% of all smartphone users in the state.

New research out of Oxford University indicates that any level of adoption of this technology is valuable.

“If 15% of our total Colorado population enable notification, we can reduce infections by 8% and reduce fatalities by 6%,” Tuneberg added.

Colorado Exposure Notifications also provides individuals who receive an exposure alert with instructions on recommended next steps, including information on quarantine and contacting their local public health agency.

“Exposure notifications is one of many really effective tools to fight COVID, and so we do think we’re going to see great results together with wearing a mask, avoiding gatherings, staying 6-feet apart, all the things we ask everyone to do. This is just another layer, it’s not to replace any of those, it’s to add to,” Tuneberg explained.

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