After devastating car crash, Colorado Springs School says: “We would never leave a family behind”

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It would take more than a global pandemic to keep Patrick Henry Elementary School in Colorado Springs from helping one of its families.

The Jamison familys know that from experience. In July, they were involved in a serious crash on Woodmen. Kassie Jamison said she and her husband, Lucas, had gone out for ice cream with their son, Logan.

“It hit right in the center pillar on the passenger side – Kassie and Logan’s side,” said Lucas. “If it would’ve hit anywhere else, it would’ve been a lot worse.”

All three suffered serious injuries and they lost their family car.

Keegan Hatley, a Special Education Teacher at Patrick Henry Elementary, said she and Logan have a special bond.

“We would never leave a family behind, if somebody were in need,” she said.

But she has a special place in her heart for her students.

“I have about eight kids on my caseload here at school, and they are significant needs,” Hatley said. “And I… have a son on the Autism spectrum.”

Her first thought was a meal train, but, with Kassie undergoing rehab miles out of town, they weren’t able to coordinate. But Hatley didn’t give up.

“I went forward with… what can we just collect – some money – and try to help out this family,” she said. “Everybody knows this family in the school.”

Lucas said his family was suprised and amazed at the help.

“She had mentioned to us they were doing something for us and I didn’t know what it was,” he said. “We didn’t even ask for it and you know, they’re teachers they don’t make a ton of money. They all pulled together.”

Kassie agreed.

“It’s just really renewed my faith and kindness of people,” she said.

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