Knobhill Urban Arts District looking to enhance Colorado Springs trail with murals

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A group of Colorado Springs artists hoping to revamp part of Cottonwood Creek Trail.

“Art is the soul of a community. It brings people together and it expresses the raw emotions of the community. And so, we want to give a voice for the community,” said Muji Rieger, Executive Director for Knobhill Urban Arts District.

It would be the first move in the Knobhill Urban Arts District’s expansion, adding to the 45 murals that stretch across one mile east of Platte Avenue and Circle Drive.

“We want to make Colorado Springs a city of art like many other cities, Denver, Austin, Miami. These places all have mural grounds, practice grounds for new artists to hone their craft because walls are hard to come by,” Rieger said.

Knobhill Urban Arts District submitted a proposal to the City of Colorado Springs, to have new and established artists paint murals on the walls near the trail.

The organization says they would keep each mural up for three months before painting a new mural over it.

“When you work with other artists, you find that artists, other taggers and the vandals and stuff, they respect us because they are us. And so, we are able to keep them corralled into the correct areas,” Rieger said.

Knobhill Urban Arts District says they’ve applied for a $20,000 grant, which would allow them to maintain the murals on the trail for two years.

According to city officials, all public art proposals must be presented to the Colorado Springs Public Art Commission, which may then be reviewed by other city departments for impact on city infrastructure.

“The City is finalizing a new public art master plan that will encourage greater public art opportunities around the community. We are in the beginning stages of creating a pilot program in response to the master plan of which this could be a model project.”

City of Colorado Springs statement

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