Keep your packages safe from ‘porch pirates’ this holiday season

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s that time of year again, porch pirates are on the prowl across southern Colorado, as more and more people are lured to shop online.

Many people say they know someone who has had a package stolen from outside their home, local law enforcement is already warning folks to keep an eye out.

Crime and Prevention officer Scott Mathis said, “We see porch pirates throughout the year — but it’s just from the time of black Friday through the holiday season you get a huge uptake in the number of packages that are
delivered — porch pirates know this they know this is the prime holiday season and they don’t really care they could be possibly taking a gift away from somebody.”

Officer Mathis also gave some other helpful tips like if your boss or place of business allows it, have your package delivered to work.

All of the delivery companies including the Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS have possibilities, if you go to their websites you can choose a place to be delivered.

With FedEx you can have your package delivered to some of their stores, Amazon even lets you deliver it to some of their lockboxes at Whole Foods and some of their other locations and then they’ll just send you a code.

These things can drastically reduce sticky-fingered porch pirates coming and stealing your packages.

Law enforcement also suggests talking to a trustworthy neighbor about grabbing packages off your porch or having them delivered to their house instead.

A local brewing company is also stepping up to make sure your packages get in the proper hands this holiday season.

Goat Patch Brewing is giving you the option to send your packages to them and they will safely hold them for you so you aren’t left dealing with the aftermath of unfortunate porch pirates.

Here’s what you do:

Mail your package to Goat Patch Brewing Company (with your name as well) at 2727 N. Cascade Avenue #123, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. They will hold on to your precious goods in a secure, locked room until you come maybe grab a beer and retrieve what’s rightfully yours.

Goat patch will try and reach out to you when it comes in if you email your name and number of packages to

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