In-Person learning: Why some families are transferring out of virtual classrooms

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COLORADO SPRINGS — More than 150 students are back to in-person learning at Globe Charter School in Colorado Springs, something Jan Edwards is thankful for, for her granddaughters. 

“We have been home for you know, over five months and I got to participate in the schooling at home, and I am not called to home schooling. I know many parents are, but I don’t feel that that’s a calling that I- have, and I felt that the girls were already not getting the education they needed. They needed to have a professional that was with them everyday and I didn’t feel personally, that they could get that through virtual learning,” Edwards said, 

Desks are spaced out, with air purifiers in every room, and surfaces are cleaned every hour. 

“We’ve put in mask breaks and handwashing breaks for our students because we know that this is a difficult time for them to have everything covered through the learning experience,” said Kelly Parker, principal of Globe Charter School.  

While the oldest charter school in Colorado is offering school virtually, they’re still accepting enrollments for in-person learning, letting parents know it’s not too late to make the switch back to a traditional classroom. 

The school has seen several new students coming in over the last few days.

“Parents have really had to step up to the plate to do the educational piece at home, but studies and statistics show that it’s better if the student is in person, where they’re having the same routines and the same learning experiences, and they’re getting to be with their peers, and they’re having all these other interactions and questions and answers. And it just opens up their mind to more of the learning experience,” Parker said. 

“You can’t replace the classroom, in my opinion. And we were ready for the emotional and physiological benefits that school brings, being with your friends. The girls were awfully lonely this summer you know, not being able to play with the friends and they went down the list of everyone, ‘oh, I hope they return, I hope they return.'” Edwards said. 

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