Hot Rod Rock and Rumble weekend at Pikes Peak International Raceway

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FOUNTAIN — The annual Hot Rod Rock And Rumble is back at Pikes Peak International Raceway, giving avid car enthusiasts a reason to show off. 

“In my opinion, cars are meant to be driven and they’re meant to be driven hard and have fun,” said Jon Voyles, a participant in this year’s car show. 

“I spent too much time my girlfriend says. I have four cars total, so I spend a lot of time with my cars every weekend,”  said Robert Reed, another participant in the car show. 

The car festival will run from Friday to Sunday, with a number of activities spread out to promote social distancing. 

“There is a lot of pride in what you do. When you work hard and do everything yourself to a car, you want to show it. You want to bring it out, let everybody see your handy work, so to speak,” Voyles said. 

“I had to add on to my garage three times. So, I’m running out of space, but not cars,” Reed said. 

From pinup contests, burnouts, a monster truck, and live music; families will have a number of activities to choose from. 

“What a lot of people don’t understand is this group of guys, if I were to break down on the interstate, they would stop. And not only that, I could take a wad of cash and put it on the dash of my car and walk away, and not a single guy in this group would take it. That’s a car culture,” Voyles said. 

Saturday will also showcase an adaptive car.

“Saturday, they’ll actually be competing in a burnout competition against 10 or 11 other vehicles from what we call rat rods to hot rods and the adaptive car will be in the middle of all that,” said Joe Garone, COO of PPIR.  

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