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COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s that time of the year again, time for a scare.

But what makes a good scare?

“Honestly, the look is the first thing I prioritize,” said Aura Heskin, whose character’s name is ‘Weonce’. Heskin also works as a makeup manager for HellScream Entertainment.

“Just kind of throwing people off with cute, odd, weird, creepy, and funny. I love to be funny. I’m not the big scare out front. I like to make people laugh,” said Terry Londo, whose character is ‘Pumpkin King’.

HellScream Entertainment is up and running for this Halloween season, and the characters are waiting for you.

“It’s one of the greatest things you can have because you are actually entertaining people in a different way that most people don’t get. It’s fun, it’s so much fun,” said Shawn Field, whose character’s name is ‘Jeremiah’. Field is also a tech manager at HellScream Entertainment.

The actors create their own characters as well as their background and storyline.

“Weonce is a witch. She comes from Ludone France. She is half possessed by a demon and she’s always wanting to go back to the other side, but never being able to fully do so,” said Heskin.

“I was put together and summoned, brought to life; the Frankenstein model by Dr. Von Helton, but I was thrown together with a bunch of trash,” Londo said.

And with more than 160 actors running around HellScream and Haunted Mines, each person creates their own scare tactic.

“My scare tactic is this. Most people don’t like this when it comes up. They think it’s fake. It’s actually a real machete. I will spark it on the ground, I’ll stick it in the wood, and people panic when they see that,” said Field.

“Often, I provide an intimidating scare because not only is my face, obviously intimidating as is. But, I like to contort myself on the ground, which people don’t really like when there are things on the ground doing weird things honestly,” said Heskin.

“I mean working with our crew is like working with a bunch of nutcases, haha. I mean you come into a haunted house and think it’s all pretend. No, they’re all crazy,” said Londo.

Click here for dates to check out HellScream and Haunted Mines.

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