Hail season: Research your contractor to avoid scams

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COLORADO SPRINGS — We’re reminded of the dangers of hail damage after a recent storm in the Pikes Peak Region. Hail season is here, and that means “hail knockers” are close behind.

If a storm hits your house you don’t have to be a victim, according to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Knowing what to look for after a hail storm can help prevent minor damage from getting worse. 

“It really can be extensive depending on the storm and here in Colorado we see a lot of them,” said Greg Dingrando, Chief Public Information Officer for Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

This makes homeowners sitting targets for roofing scammers.

“They’re opportunists – so people come in and they get desperate because they have large holes in their roof and they want it fixed,” Dingrando said. “But they are not really researching and to find out that they actually are licensed and they know what they’re doing and can actually cover you and do the work correctly.”

Regional Building encourages property owners to check for damage and leaks in common places like windows, the ceiling, and the attic. Outside the home or business, check for damaged vents and broken shingles or roofing tiles.

If there is damage, its important property owners check with their insurance provider to make sure they know what kinds of repairs will be covered. 

Property owners should research potential contractors to make sure they are properly licensed to do the needed work, and that they are in good standing with Regional Building.

CLICK HERE to check out a free tool, on the RBD website, for researching, and vetting contractors.

“It’s sort of like going to the source, coming to our website to check and make sure they are properly licensed and in good standing with us because that’s another thing you have to be in good standing with us in order to pull a permit,” Dingrando explained.

It’s better to prevent problems rather than trying to fix them down the road.

“It’s already bad enough you’ve gone through the damage of having a hail storm come in costing you a lot of money. The last thing you want to do is have to be dealing with even more problems because you’ve hired someone that’s not properly licensed,” Dingrando said.

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