Goodwill Hunting: Keep your chin-up!

Goodwill Hunting

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased sports equipment for my kids and they only used them a few times. I have learned my lesson. So, before I buy something brand new, I check out the secondhand options.

I’m trying to get my son in shape for high school football. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a good track record of sticking with things. I have purchased new cleats, lacrosse equipment and more for my kids and they never played the sport again.

That’s where Goodwill stores come into play. I have been looking for a new weight bench, among other things, at the Southwest location on Lake Avenue in Colorado Springs. From my experience, they have a good track record of replenishing their shelves every other day. You never know what kind of treasure you’ll find.

On this particular day, I found a bunch of football cleats at the store. Cleats are usually in better shape than other shoes at the store because they’re only worn for a single season. Teens often grow out of them after that. Unfortunately, none of them quite fit my son.

We did find a chin-up bar. I convinced him this would be a good exercise to keep in shape between workouts. His older brother used to use one and saw how it really worked. It only cost $6.99 too! It usually runs between $15 and $25 new.

Since we were going to purchase it for sure, we looked at other items as well. I’m always in the market for patio furniture. I saw a six-chair concrete table set for $89. That’s a deal for something that costs probably $500 new. It also came with two bar chairs and a table for $30. The whole set was just too big for us.

So we purchased the chin-up bar and tried it out immediately. My son was too embarrassed to showcase his pull-up capabilities. So, you’re stuck with me in the video. We’ll see you Goodwill Hunting!

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