Goodwill Hunting: Bargain yard tools

Goodwill Hunting

I struck out in my first two visits to different Goodwill stores in Colorado Springs this particular day.  With one strike left, I knocked it out of the park as I dug in and refused to call it a day. 

I was at my third stop when I explored the Discover Goodwill store on Kelly Johnson Boulevard next to Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs. They had a nice selection of patio furniture, but a “sold” ticket was on them already. So, I was headed to the exit when I caught a glimpse of the “outdoors” sign over a room tucked away by the registers.  

Bingo! There were so many yard tools. I could not pass up the weed trimmer! They had two, but the Black and Decker didn’t have the battery that came with it. I got the generic weed wacker for $9.99.  Hanging right next to it was the Toro leaf blower for an identical $9.99.  It was nearly new, which costs at least $75 any other place!  I got out of there paying just $24 after tax –  a fraction of the cost when new.

I was tempted to get a pair of edge clippers that were in great condition for only $5.99. There was also a drill press, sander and other tools.   

I had to test it out my purchases at home right away. The blower has three speeds and can also work as a vacuum! I love it!  

The weed trimmer is broken at the spool line but it doesn’t impact the performance. It cuts weeds with no problem. Of course, I had to show my son how it works, so he can enjoy as much as I do. What a deal!

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