Goodwill donations increase amid pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Goodwill donation centers across the state are experiencing a substantial number of donations amid the pandemic.

For many people, being stuck at home for months meant finally getting around to decluttering their closets, crawl spaces, garages, and giving those items to a good cause.

“We don’t operate as a traditional retail center that’s why we consider ourselves an opportunity center more than a retail center because 90-percent of those donation proceeds go to programs and services that assist Coloradans in need,” said Manager of Marketing and Communication with Goodwill Colorado Bradd Hafer.

Stores closed on March 24 due to the pandemic, but the donations centers remained open. Those two dynamics caused the influx of donated items while the stores were closed until they reopened back in May.

“We are definitely seeing an increase in volume donations, not necessarily visits. But people are delivering items to us by the truckload rather than just a few items that may be delivered in their sedan,” Hafer said.

While clothing has always been a popular donated item, furniture, art, kitchen accessory items, and collectibles have also seen a spike. Hafer believes that’s because people have seen more of their house than usual, and think I want to update this, or I want to change this out, so they are donating those items.

Goodwill has been gradually ramping up donation center hours, as of last Sunday, September 13, the new expanded hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., seven days a week.

“We are gradually trying to get those back up on pace with the retail hours, which are still more expansive than the donation centers hours,” expressed Hafer. “But as we continue to catch up with this influx of donations, we’re able to them increase those hours to give people a broader window of time to donate items to Goodwill.”

Goodwill, along with many other businesses, continues following all safety protocols with protective equipment, masks, and social distancing. Hafer says they’re happy that people still want to engage with the organization both as retail shoppers and donors, giving their donated items to a good cause that helps other Coloradans in need throughout the state. 

“COVID is still with us, but life goes on,” Hafer added. “We are continuing to exercise every caution both public health as well as government-regulated safety measures to ensure the safety of our shoppers and donors, and please come and give, and shop, with a good cause.”

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