GIVE! 2019: Teller County Regional Animal Shelter

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TELLER COUNTY — The Teller County Regional Animal Shelter may be small, but that’s also what makes them unique.

“We really are able to work with individuals to help them in their unique situations,” said Amy Elmont, Public Relations Director at TCRAS.

Elmont said it’s the place to go, whether you’re taking a pet in or feel like you need to take a pet out.

“We have trainers that can go into the home and try and help the behavior that’s causing the problem and help the family find a way to keep the dog in the home, but have harmony,” Elmont said.

This small nonprofit and its volunteers take extra time to get know each dog and cat that comes in.

“When a potential adopter comes in, we’re able to talk to them about their lifestyle. What kind of personality they’re looking for. Do they want more of a couch potato, or are they avid hikers and they’re ready for one of our dogs that wants to go out and just get to it,” Elmont said.

Thanks to grants and donations, the limited intake shelter has been helping animals for 19 years now.

They make sure to give each pet the time, medical attention, and training they need to be ready for a new home.

“Being a small shelter that tries to do a lot, we only can do that with the community support,” Elmont said.

And while adoptions slow down during the holiday season, TCRAS is starting their foster express, where people can foster dogs for a short period of time, made to fit their schedule.

“It gives the dog a chance to be in a more familiar home environment, which reduces their stress, helps with their health, helps again, us learn more about their behavior,”

And when they come back, TCRAS says the dogs are more relaxed.

“And almost always, we see those dogs get adopted pretty quickly afterwards because of the exposure they get,” Elmont said.

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