Getting results: Car is returned to homeless woman after being towed while at Springs Rescue Mission

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COLORADO SPRINGS — A woman staying at a homeless shelter in Colorado Springs had her car unexpectedly towed away but got a sweet Valentine’s gift Friday.

Sandra Revello was reunited with her car after six days without it.

“It was love, at first sight, hahaha because I was happy to get it back and now I know I can continue to try to better myself and get ahead or at least caught up,” Revello said.

FOX21 first reported on this story on Tuesday bringing attention to the issue and the Springs Rescue Mission started reviewing the dispute.

The security at Springs Rescue Mission impounded her car due to expired tags but Revello said she came to an agreement with her caseworker for an extension for the car to stay.

“My medicine was in there and I was able to take my medicine for the first time in 6 days and I do work in Pueblo sometimes at the convention center sometimes and I do need it to go back and forth to work and I do need it to go find a job so I can better myself,” Revello explained.

“In this case, we recognized that we didn’t act in a way that we believe we should have,” said Travis Williams, the chief development coordinator with the Springs Rescue Mission.

Springs Rescue Mission blame miscommunication between programs for her car being towed away and have apologized.

“One of our security folks who was involved in this story, his tone and comments were not to the par or the level that we deem as an organization in the way that we strive to treat people,” Williams added.

The Springs Rescue Mission plans to have more training with staff about conflict management, update policies on towing and communication procedures between programs.

“We want to be an organization that cares for people that are trying to do the best even in the most difficult situations and this is not a job for the faint of heart. It’s not an easy job and our teams is jumping each and every day to try and do their best to care for the most people,” Williams said.

It was after FOX21’s story that actions were taken for Revello to get her car returned.

“Thank you for taking the time for looking into this and basically having someone in my corner and being on my side because I felt like I was all alone in this and you guys stepped up to the plate and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me,” Revello said.

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