Get inked for a good cause: Tattoo-a-thon extended

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COLORADO SPRINGS — The tattoo-a-thon is back for its fifth year at Fallen Heroes Tattoo.

The fundraiser benefits those battling gynecologic cancers.

“We started fallen heroes tattoo with the mission to do something for other people, not just something for ourselves,” said David Brown, co-owner and artist at Fallen Heroes Tattoo.

Tattoos can be of any design, but should be tennis ball-sized or smaller.

“We try to keep away from the super detailed super realistic images because those take longer,” Brown said.

Tattoos for the fundraiser will cost $60, with $40 of that going towards Sue’s Gift, formerly known as Sue Dinapoli Ovarian Cancer Society.

“My mother died from ovarian cancer, so we set out to find a charity that was local, a charity where the money went 100-percent to people that needed it. And that those people were here in Colorado,” Brown said.

While typically a week-long event, it will now span through five months to meet COVID-19 regulations and ensure they meet their goal.

“Let’s say we meet the goal and we do the 800 tattoos. That’s about $32,000, and that sounds like a lot and when I first heard that number I was like, ‘Wow that’s insane, we’re going to be able to help so many people!’ $32,000 is 32 ladies for a month and that’s it. I just wish there was a way we could do more. If you know somebody or if you’ve seen somebody go through this, that is not an inexpensive thing to struggle through,” Brown said.

Those who schedule a tattoo appointment for the fundraiser will receive a $60 coupon to use on their next tattoo scheduled for two hours or more.

“You’ve got ladies that are struggling with, ‘Do I pay my mortgage, or do I pay my medical bills?’ And what Sue’s Gift does is take that question away for them, allows them to pay for the things they need while they’re going through this process,” Brown said.

The fundraiser ends on November 30th.

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