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FOUNTAIN, Colo. — In March, REACH Pikes Peak in Fountain had to close its doors due to the ongoing pandemic but even more community members are in need. 

“Right now we want to make sure we help as many as we can under these circumstances,” REACH Pikes Peak Chief Financial Officer Carola Rafferty said.

For CFO Carola Rafferty and her family, giving up wasn’t in the cards.

“We started this as a family helping a couple of people and we thought you know we’re just going to try and we’ve seen tremendous success in helping people and it just warms our heart,” Rafferty explained.

They’re doing their best one box of food at a time every Monday evening from 5 to 7 P.M. According to Rafferty, they always try to have 10-15 nonperishable items in each box, as well as fresh food and frozen items.

“To be able to have this resource, where you can drive right through once a week and pick up food to help your family, I think it’s great,” REACH Pikes Peak Board member Katie Hardman said.  

The organization is prepared to serve up to 100 families a week, already feeding more than 1,200 families since March 16.

“The way we see it is, if the food stays in our food pantry and just stays there it doesn’t help anybody. So we want to help as many as we can,” Rafferty said.

REACH Pikes Peak relies heavily on donations, and while their pantry doors are closed, they are still accepting donations of all kinds: food, clothing, toiletries, etc., make sure you call or email ahead for drop off information.

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