Friday Foodie Finds: Two cuisines, one kitchen at Pho-N-Thai

Foodie Finds

COLORADO SPRINGS — Pho-N-Thai opened at 2819 N. Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs on July 1. It’s right next door to Johnny’s Navajo Hogan.

Every table in the quaint little restaurant that serves both Vietnamese and Thai dishes was full on a Thursday evening at 7 p.m.

FOX21 sports reporter Julia Maguire, digital reporter Amber Jo and I dined in on a dinner break.

You walk up to the counter to order and pay. There’s also space to browse the extensive menu and decide what you want. With options like soup, salad, fried rice, noodles, pho, Thai curry, and stir fry, it took us a few minutes to nail down what we were going to try.

Julia just wanted a snack, so she ordered the Vietnamese egg rolls, which came with five rolls for $5.25. They came out piping hot and perfectly crispy. The crust to filling proportion was spot on.

Amber Jo ordered spring rolls as an appetizer–two rolls for $3.95. They were good sized and stuffed with shrimp, vermicelli noodles, cabbage, and herbs.

Amber Jo and I both ordered Pad Thai with chicken as our entrees for $8.50 (extra spicy for me). It was a large portion packed with bean sprouts, carrots, onions, broccoli, topped with roasted ground peanuts, and a lime on the side. The noodles were tender and cooked to perfection with the tangy flavor you crave in a true Pad Thai.

I love that they ask how spicy you would like your meal: you make the rules. I really wanted to try the pho, but soup doesn’t sound as good on a 90-degree day. We’ll head back as the heat disappears and try more options.

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