Entertainment District would allow bar-goers to carry drinks outside in downtown Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — City Council will take the first of two votes next week on a proposal for an “Entertainment District” in downtown Colorado Springs with a common consumption area.

This proposal would allow customers to carry alcohol from one restaurant to another in a controlled environment. This would include the parking lot and alleys within a specific section.

The section would include all restaurants in the area from S Tejon, heading west on Moreno Ave, to S Cascade, also known as the “Trolley District.”

The restaurants currently included in the proposal are:

  • Denver Biscuit Company/ Atomic Cowboy
  • Fat Sully’s New York Pizza
  • Dos Santos
  • Cork and Cask Drinks
  • The Coffee Exchange
  • Streetcar520

Hours of operation for the proposal would fall between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.

The 10:00 p.m. noise ordinance would still be in effect.

“Right now the city’s noise ordinance kicks in at 10:00 p.m., so it’s likely that we would ensure the Entertainment District is quiet by 10 or 11,” said Jill Gaebler, Colorado Springs Council Member.

The vision includes live concerts in the parking lot area.

Gaebler says she hopes to pass the proposal and have the Entertainment District running by next summer.

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