El Paso County closely watching recent increase in COVID-19 cases

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COLORADO SPRINGS — El Paso County health data showing evidence of a spike in positive coronavirus cases, just over the last three weeks.

“Individuals are beginning to enjoy a lot of the activities of daily life. So, going out to be with friends, having family gatherings, shopping, going to restaurants, just all of these normal activities that we engaged in before the pandemic,” said Kimberly Pattison, program manager for communicable disease and tuberculosis for El Paso County Public Health

The health department says it’s a natural outcome as more people get together.

Since the onset of the virus, the state has approved two variances in the county, allowing more businesses and recreational facilities to reopen with restrictions in place.

“It’s really easy to see things opening up and feel like we’re going back to life as normal. And we really want to emphasize that while we open up, it’s still important to know that COVID-19 is with us, that we still have transmission happening in our community,” Pattison said.

They say it’s too early to tell if this is a second wave of the virus.

Still, the health department is reminding people to continue taking preventative measures: Wear your face mask when out in public, stay home if you feel sick, and continue to social distance.

“One of the trends that we’ve been seeing with our new cases coming forward is you know, they are reporting while they were maybe starting to feel a little bit sick or you know, for some of our cases they don’t even experience symptoms. Those cases are beginning to report having you know, a large family gathering around Fathers Day, or maybe a 4th of July party, or just different pieces that may not be necessary, but might be increasing people’s risk,” Pattison said.

The health department says they are monitoring the situation closely, and are working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to plan when things should be scaled back.

“With the state, we’ve been working on developing some thresholds for that information. We’ll be watching our case numbers to make sure we’re not getting anywhere close to that threshold,” Pattison said.

Click here to look at the health department’s dashboard on COVID-19.

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