Driving awareness: a Colorado Springs epilepsy campaign

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Meet 16-year-old Kassie Spafford.

For Christmas, she’d like to have your signature.

“We need 3,000 signatures in about two years,” Spafford said.

Those signatures will support a new Colorado license plate design, supporting epilepsy awareness.

“Epilepsy is a seizure disorder. And I want to inform people that people have different kinds of seizures, it’s not just convulsions. There’s different types of seizures and it’s different for everyone who has epilepsy,” Spafford said.

The reason is personal. Spafford’s mother was diagnosed with epilepsy five years ago.

“My life changed overnight for me. Right now, I’m on constant supervision, so I’m with my husband 24/7,” said Elizabeth Kniffen, Kassie’s mother.

Kniffen says she doesn’t know what triggers her seizures, but because of it, she isn’t able to drive or work.

“I can just zone out at any time. I can start wandering at any time, I lose consciousness. I can continue what I’m doing and if you look at me, and try to talk to me, you’ll know that I’m having a seizure. But otherwise, you don’t,” Kniffen said.

Spafford hopes this new license plate design will empower her mom.

“My grandma actually helped me and we have the Epilepsy Foundation’s logo on it, and it’s purple because that’s the color for Epilepsy,” Spafford said.

Once Spafford gets all the signatures she needs and the design is approved by the DMV, the license plate can be purchased through a donation to the Epilepsy Foundation.

“I think Kassie’s coming out with this license plate has been a good time. And I’m just so happy that she’s doing this,” Kniffen said.

Click here to sign Spafford’s petition.

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