Dee-Tales: Fall leaves are falling!

Northbound on Highway 82 headed to Aspen.

This is the time of the year that many of us wait for! The temperatures start to cool off and Mother Nature shows off by giving us vibrant, glorious color along our magnificent mountain backdrop.

For those of us that were raised in places that don’t see all four seasons—Arizona for me—fall is something to be savored!

If you don’t want to miss this year’s show, you really should continue reading. If you don’t want to read about the trip, skip to the end to get all the Dee-Tales on fall!

On Saturday, I took a day trip to Aspen with my family. We drove on U.S. 24 to U.S. 82 to get there.

Woodland Park has spotty leaves which are pretty, but not quite peaking. The first real sign of fall didn’t come until we reached Wilkerson Pass. While it was beautiful, it was short-lived. Shortly after, we drove through miles and miles of hills with very few trees.

We had to drive over an hour to get up close and personal with fall, but it was worth the wait! We took some family photos at Twin Lakes Reservoir.

Pictured: Dee Cortez, Dee’s husband Eric and their daughter Eliyanah Joy.

From Twin Lakes forward it was beautiful! I took this video as we were leaving Twin Lakes.

Dee and husband Eric.

The next stop was Independence Pass. Unfortunately, fall has come and gone for this area. Nothing but pine was left. You could see the aspens that had lost all their leaves, leaving just a bare white tree. It’s still a beautiful view and worth the drive. Just be sure to head up the next few days. I have a feeling Independence Pass will be closing for the season with the first snow, which will happen on Thursday.

Independence Pass. It’s very windy!
It was too windy to take Eliyanah up to the overlook at Independence Pass, so we just took a family picture with the sign to prove we were there. Next Year!

We headed down the mountain and much to our surprise, this was the view we were waiting for! It’s gets more spectacular the closer you get to Aspen. It was so beautiful we had to stop…many times!

We took more family photos! I was so happy that I took my tripod!

No you’re right. Eliyanah lost a sock! That’s her Daddy, Eric

Here are the Dee-Tales. If you want to see fall this year, do it right away. We have our first snowfall coming on Thursday into Friday. A lot of the leaves are already falling off the trees because of the winds we’ve had with the recent Red Flag Warnings. When snow hits those trees Thursday into Friday, fall will be over. I know, I’m heartbroken too!

The next cold front will be a strong one. Temperatures will drop as much as 50 degrees in a 24-hour period for some areas. Several inches of snow will accumulate in higher elevations, just enough to end fall right in the middle of all its glory.

Get your family together and get those fall pictures taken before it’s too late!

This was one of my favorites! Eliyanah just wouldn’t look at the camera!

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