Cyber Tip 3 – Moderation

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COLORADO SPRINGS — “Internet Safer Day” is coming up on February 11, and FOX21 Digital Now has teamed up with Colorado Springs Police to provide tips for keeping you safe online.

Control of a child’s screen time can be challenging with screens practically everywhere.

Parents need to set schedules and limit screen time, according to ICAC Task Force Program Coordinator Tricia Lykes. Parents should set rules for where electronics should be used in their house.

Moderation plays an essential part in helping to keep children safe, and so we don’t get “lost” in our devices.

“Moderation schedules will improve social skills as well as increase the relationship within the home – create that family bonding time,” said Lykes.

Parents should lead by example, be a role model, and hold themselves accountable, limiting your own screen time.

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