Cyber Tip 2 – Communication

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COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 Digital Now teamed up with Colorado Springs Police Department to help keep you safe online ahead of “Internet Safer Day” on February 11.

Today, kids are able to access more information than any generation before. Parents need to have an open line of communication with their children, no matter how difficult or embarrassing.

“Your children need to feel comfortable and safe, being able to come to you when they have questions about certain things that are happening online,” said ICAC Task Force Program Coordinator Tricia Lykes.

That way, if something’s not right, they’ll let you know. And if something is wrong.

Lykes said, “please speak to your children rationally and calmly – have the open conversation first – consequences can be dealt with afterward, and that’s important for parents to remember.”

Open communication will create a trusting environment for your family.

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