CSPD speed enforcement zones begin Monday

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COLORADO SPRINGS — New speed enforcement zones go into effect Monday, as the Colorado Springs Police Department combats traffic crashes. 

“On a quarterly basis, we evaluate the injury traffic crashes that happened the quarter before to identify where we’re going to do some of those speed enforcement efforts,” said CSPD Lt. Daniel Thompson.  

It’s year two of their “Slow Down Colorado Springs” campaign with the Colorado Department of Transportation. 

“What we’re looking at is the actual injuries that are sustained as a result of those crashes. So, people are injured what would otherwise be minor fender benders all the way up to and including fatal traffic crashes,” Thompson said. 

CSPD says they’ve already seen improvements from previous enforcement zones. 

“Decreased traffic crashes, injury traffic crashes, but there are still those outliers where they are consistent from quarter to quarter,” Thompson said, 

CSPD says these speed enforcement zones aren’t about issuing citations, but about changing behaviors on the road, and letting drivers know where these zones are, help create a safer community.   

“We want the public to know that we are paying attention to the driving behaviors in this area with the hopes that it’s going to decreases those crashes, increasing that mindfulness on their part to be more aware of the speed in its correlation to their involvement in traffic crashes,” Thompson said. 

Looking at the list, you might see some intersections that already had speed enforcement in the past.

CSPD, May 2020 Speed Enforcement Zones

“In these situations when there’s an opportunity, we work with our city’s traffic engineering department to see if there’s any changes that need to be made to that intersection. So, we’re looking at it from a holistic standpoint to make the roads safer and to increase awareness,” Thompson said. 

This quarter’s speed enforcement zones will run through the end of May.

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