CSPD Officers take a knee with protesters, dialogue begins

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Protests filled the streets of Colorado Springs on Monday, but this time Police are taking part in a dialogue with protesters. Some took a knee in solidarity.

A similar situation was seen on Sunday evening, where Officer Olav Chaney walked up to the caution tape to have a discussion with protesters, including Brandon Poe.

Brandon Poe, one of the leaders of the protests, says that it’s a good start.

“I would love to see better training, more training and talking to people – and not having to tase people or shoot them. It would be better if we could move towards that as a whole and everyone would feel safer,” Poe said.

The peaceful protesters said they do not want to be violent and are not associated with any violence seen in the evenings at the Colorado Springs Command Center. On Saturday evening, police-reported criminal activity and over 30 arrests were made.

Protests continued into the night on Monday. As of 10:00 p.m., protesters were still marching and making stops at various locations downtown, including the Police Command Center.

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