CSPD K9’s train in a haunted house

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Tuesday’s K9 training session took place at what some might think as an unusual spot, Haunted Mines off Palmer Park Boulevard.

The Colorado Springs Police K9s, as well as their handlers, prepared to deal with stressful situations as they get ready for the real-life call. Equipped with an incredible sense of smell Police K9’s are probably best known for sniffing out drugs.

K9 Kai is a Belgian Malinois German Shepard cross, and he’s training to be a dual purpose CSPD dog.

“When we walk into someone’s kitchen, and you get that smell of fresh-baked cookies, we smell the cookie when the dog walks in they smell the batter they smell the chocolate chips,” said Officer Andrew Genta. “They’re able to differentiate those components, which are how we’re able to distinguish during detection.”

CSPD’S K9 unit said they use different collars and harnesses to let the dogs know if they are looking for a suspect or drugs. CSPD trains these dogs in all types of environments, whether a hostile situation or at the Academy so that they know correctly what to do when the time comes and they’re reporting for service.

“The narcotic training aides so we were placing actual narcotics hiding them in various places, teaching the dog to basically trust his nose and that odor and narcotics can be anywhere,” Genta explained.

Police said that the K9’s aren’t just coworkers.

“They become part of our family, but they are also a tool that we’re responsible for maintaining just like any other piece of equipment we’re assigned,” Genta added.

A new ‘leash’ on life for the CSPD K9 Unit Department’s latest member of the force.

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