COVID-19: the children at risk

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s well known that the elderly are at a higher risk when it comes to the coronavirus, but they aren’t the only ones.

“The families can’t get out because you know the parents, the mom, the dad, they can’t go out shopping. They can’t go out in the community because if they get sick, they bring it home, it’s the same thing as a child going out,” said Richard Gallion, co-owner and director of nursing for Voyager Home Health Care. 

Families with special needs children/immunocompromised are also at risk.

These children include those with cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, those with cancer, and more.

Voyager Home Health Care, a home health company, is making sure they’re not forgotten.

They’ve been handing out care packages, each one individualized for each family.

“We wanted to make sure that not only could these families have the bare necessities to get by, but we wanted to make sure they could actually thrive during this time. So that’s why you saw that we were giving out iPads. So, we had toilet paper we had baby wipes, you know, the essentials that are needed for just daily life. We had hand sanitizer, all those kind of things,” said Ryan Wall, director of marketing for Voyager Home Health Care. 

Families also received $500.

“Some of these families, we didn’t even know that their car was about to be taken away, that they’re behind on rent, that they were out of meat,” Gallion said. 

Voyager Home Health Care’s next plan is to hand out 100 ipads to quarantined children with disabilities.

Because it’s unknown when the pandemic will settle down, the company plans to continue reaching out to families, filling every need they face.  

“Goodness doesn’t have to stop here, kindreds can keep replicating itself,” Wall said.

To nominate a family in need, email them at or call them at (719) 722-4516.

Click here to watch their full video on YouTube. 

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