COVID-19: Colorado Springs man recovers after more than a month in hospital

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Nurses and staff at St. Francis Medical Center lined up outside Wednesday to watch one of their patients finally make his way out of the hospital.

“It was an honor,” said Tom Goings. 

76-year-old Goings was discharged after more than a month of treatment for the coronavirus. 

Goings was one of their first COVID-19 patients. 

“He was on the ventilator for 16 days. It was a long time, more than you would normally see. And then when he came out from the ventilator it was a hard road to go,” said Deana Pinckert, one of Goings’ daughters.  

His daughters walked out with him, saying it was a surreal experience.

“It was really scary to go from getting a call the morning that he was going to be intubated and hearing from the doctor that he really didn’t think that he was going to make it,” said Marie Brandon, one of Goings’ daughters. 

His daughters tell us when Goings was admitted on March 15, he was only given a 10-percent survival rate. 

“I said, ‘no. That’s not going to happen, that’s not going to be my dad.’ Nobody’s every ready for it, but I’m not just ready right now. I mean, I’m realistic, I’m a nurse, I know how this stuff goes. But this is not just his time,” Pinckert said. 

“I’m not religious, but I gotta say it’s a miracle,” Goings said. 

Both of Goings’ daughters are registered nurses and now look at the virus in a new light.

“I was at his house, checked him out, called the EMS. I never came down with any symptoms. So, it makes no sense as to how this virus choose who it’s going to infect,” Pinckert said. 

While goings says he’s a little bit scared to go home, he’s hopeful he’ll be okay.

“I’m glad to see you all wearing masks. I didn’t believe in it before. I play bridge at a bridge club here in town and from now on, I plan on wearing a mask wherever I go. Whether this over with or whether it’s not,” Goings said. 

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