Colorado Springs woman turns 101, shares her key to longevity

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Anna LeCompte is hitting an impressive milestone – as she just turned 101 years old!

Anna is from New Jersey and moved to Colorado Springs in 2002. She was married to her husband, Howard, for over 70 years.

With the passing of her two daughters, she recently moved in with her friend Betty Sisneros.

Betty used to be her neighbor at the Regency Towers and agreed to take care of her once her daughter passed.

“She’s been a godsend to me, she has!” said Anna.

Anna shares her key to happiness.

“I think the first thing; you gotta be happy with yourself, that’s the number one! And that will kinda guide you along, yeah!” she said.

One thing she says helped her to reach 101 years old is golf!

“We’d play golf maybe five times a week, and we got our exercise, yeah! A lot of people say you don’t get a lot of exercise that way- don’t let it kid ya, you’re moving everything,” she said.

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