COLORADO SPRINGS — Tejon Street in downtown Colorado Springs is getting some state-wide recognition.   

“It definitely is a prime spot, it’s just the downtown hub,” said Cindy Puleo, store manager for Rocky Mountain Soap Market. 

It’s been officially named as 2020’s Great Streets winner in the Great Places Colorado program. 

It’s run by the American Planning Association, which showcases areas that highlight culture, community involvement, and more. 

“My husband and I own T-Byrds, and we’re kind of off Tejon, which we still get a lot of that overflow from there. But Tejon was always a destination we desired, especially with all the parades and all the fun activities that go on here,” said Crystal Byrd, owner of Mood Tapas Bar and Bird Tree Cafe.

Events that go through Tejon Street is just one reason why it was chosen. 

According to the Downtown Partnership, the winner of 2020’s Great Streets needed to have a resilient economy, a healthy community, and a connection to nature.

“We have two great historic parks at either end, north and south Tejon Street that gives people access to that green space,” said Len Kendall, Director of Planning and Mobility, Downtown Partnership.

And the historic buildings along the street mix well with the retail shops. 

“I think that’s another reason why it was selected, is because it does have such a unique blend of retail and restaurants. And we always say downtown is over 90-percent locally owned businesses, and a lot of those are here on Tejon street,” Kendall said. 

“Our local customers, we kind of are a destination or field trip when they have visitors come into town. This is one of the top places, not only our store but just a lot of the Tejon corridor, especially at least in our little block,” Puleo added. 

The Downtown Partnership says there’s been a comprehensive plan to guide the future of downtown Colorado Springs since 1971. 

“I think it justifies that what the planning has done, has made a street like this be one of the great places in our state,” Kendall said.